PunchOut Connect – The turn key B2B Integration Extension for Magento

Pre-Built Connectivity

Our award winning extension provides
everything you need to run your b2b business
on Magento 1 and Magento 2

Punchout Connect Key Features

  • Full B2B integration
  • Works on your existing Magento store
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • cXML and OCI support
  • Setup help included

How It Works

PunchOut Connect provides everything you need to punchout enable your Magento store in an easy to install and configure extension.  Once installed your store is ready for B2B integration with any ERP or eProcurement solution and you are ready to start taking integrated B2B orders.

Your new order process will be as follows:

  1. Your buyer will start a request in their purchasing platform
  2. A punchout message (punchout setup request) will be sent through PunchOut Catalogs to your store
  3. The extension will create a user session and generate a customer account for the user
  4. The user will shop and create a shopping cart
  5. The “checkout” button will be replaced with a “Transfer Cart” button
  6. The user clicks the button and the extension formats the cart to return to the buyers purchasing platform (punchout response)
  7. The extension creates a record of the cart under the transferred carts grid in the administrative area
  8. The buyer completes their process in the purchasing system and sends the purchase order
  9. The electronic purchase order is passed to PunchOut catalogs and then onto the extension
  10. An order is generated in Magento and linked to the transferred cart

How to get started

Follow these steps to get integrated today.

  1. Contact Us for a demonstration and discuss on your project
  2. Download our official extension for B2B integration
  3. We help install and configure the extension for your initial connection – OR – you can use our help documents and complete the process yourself
  4. Use test mode to ensure your connection is working properly
  5. Enable your live connection and start taking orders


The connection configuration screen allows you to configure your B2B connection.

Transaction Log

The transaction log grid allows you to see all transferred carts.  They are stored in your Magento database but separated from your placed orders to ensure no issues with reporting.