How we deliver results

Business–to–BIG Business

Integrated PunchOut connections for Enterprise customers

The PunchOut Catalogs B2B channel will help you to meet all standards of compliance, and provide seamless PunchOut integration with any ERP, or eProcurement system. To your larger, strategic accounts, PunchOut connectivity will allow these customers to see their negotiated pricing / rates on your eCommerce platform..

Business–to–Small Business

Private, customer-branded storefronts for clients of all sizes.

For your customers not utilizing an eProcurement system, the PunchOut B2b channel allows groups of authorized users from any organization to purchase goods and services at contracted, or discounted pricing through a variety of payment options.


Universal, public catalogs for browsing and purchasing.

The PunchOut B2C Channel opens the door for you to offer the general public your goods and services at market prices. B2C customers can purchase as guest buyers, or choose to register for a customer account in order to continue buying as repeat customers.


Online catalogs that meet all Government requirements.

PunchOut’s B2G channel assures your company that all Government rules and regulations are met for any and all Government agency customers. PunchOut has years of experience working with both Government agencies and Government contractors.

We offer a complete, multi–channel eCommerce platform that can accommodate all goods and services across all verticals, while achieving the ultimate goal of making buying easier.